16-Day Capitals of Central Europe Tour


Prague, Czech Republic

16-day tour featuring Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic and more…

Marvel at the timeless beauty and charm of the capitals of Central Europe: Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, and more. These jewels of the old world also thrive as modern centers of European culture.

Tour Price $2,890 p.p.d.o. if booked by 11/4/2015

Rate applies to the following 2016 departures: May 9 & September 12

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6-Day Yellowstone in Winter by Snowcoach


6 days filled with pristine views of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park and a Winter Olympic City. The solitude of Yellowstone in winter is so compelling and inspiring, it defies words. Pillars of steam drift across the snow-crusted earth creating a scene of fantasy and imagination. See, live and experience this Winter Wonderland for yourself!


Tour pricing starts at $1,375 p.p.d.o.

Departure Dates available January 23 & February 6, 2016

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6-Day Cajun Christman in New Orleans & Biloxi


Have Yourself a Merry Little Madimas in the Bayou
New Orleans… imagine balconies with elaborate ironwork throughout the Quarter, with evergreen wreaths and Christmas lights… the Victorian & Colonial mansions adorned in holiday décor. You want a spectacular holiday light display? City Park hosts a celebration of illumination that would make even Clark W. Griswold blush! Biloxi… one of the oldest communities in the country, a cultural melting pot with year ’round celebrations, set against a backdrop of sugar-white beaches, great deep-sea fishing, and more! Come with us to the Bayou and have yourself a merry little Mardimas!

Tour pricing starts at $1,788 p.p.d.o.

Departure Date: December 7, 2016

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10-Day Splendors of Italy with Rome


10-day tour featuring Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Turin and more…

On this Splendors of Italy tour, you’ll spend six nights in Milan with leisure time to explore the city and excursions to Venice, Turin, and Florence. In each of these cities, you’ll have a guided tour where you will see the must-see attractions. In Milan, your sightseeing includes a visit to the magnificent Sforzesco Castle, dating back to the 14th century. Among the many sights in Venice, visit Doges’ Palace, with its gothic architecture, and the Bridge of Sighs, built in the 17th century. Leisure time in the city gives you the opportunity to take an optional gondola ride or perhaps to sit in St. Mark’s Square for prime people watching. In Turin, the birthplace of the Fiat car, you’ll walk through the historic center, and then enjoy an included lunch at Eataly where you’ll discover some of the best Italian food. Among the many attractions you’ll see in Florence, see Michelangelo’s David and enjoy a guided walking tour through the historic center.

It’s not enough to just visit these cities and their sights. You want to hear their histories, their secrets, and their stories. Throughout this Italy tour, you’ll be accompanied by a Tour Director and Local Guides from the areas—people who can bring these destinations to life with in-depth, firsthand knowledge of the cities. They may even teach you a little Italian if you ask!

At the conclusion of your tour, travel via high-speed train to Rome, where you’ll have guided sightseeing of the must-see attractions and leisure time to explore the city. All services in Rome, including Local Host assistance, are provided by Monograms. What more could you ask for in a vacation to Italy?

Tour pricing starts at $2,793 p.p.d.o.

Departures Available: May through October 2016

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10-Day Southern California with Death Valley & Joshua Tree National Parks


10-day tour featuring Long Beach, San Diego, Palm Springs, Death Valley National Park, Las Vegas and more…

Vibrant cities, unique experiences, and striking landscapes…all of this and more await you on this Southern California tour—with 2-night stays in Long Beach, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Death Valley National Park, as well as an overnight in Las Vegas.
Tour highlights include time in three unique settings: Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley National Park, and Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Joshua Tree National Park contains two deserts and two large ecosystems. Here, enjoy a jeep tour to learn about the area’s geology, fascinating plants and animals, and rich history. Ash Meadows National Refuge is the largest remaining oasis in the Mojave Desert and home to nearly 30 species of plants and animals that don’t exist anyplace else on earth. Here, stroll the boardwalks and learn about this unique area.
Death Valley National Park is the hottest place on earth. Visit its Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America, and tour Scotty’s Castle, a fully furnished, 1920s vacation home. Globus has also arranged a special experience here…a stargazing program with a local expert. Due to its remote location with limited city lights, Death Valley National Park offers one of the best places to view the stars. Stand in awe as daylight fades and the planets, stars, and constellations come into view.
On this Southern California tour, you’ll also experience vibrant cities. From Long Beach, visit beautiful Catalina Island. In San Diego, your sightseeing features Cabrillo National Monument, with one of the world’s best harbor views, and lunch at the impressive Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego’s legendary seaside resort—another special experience offered by Globus. Your time in Palm Springs includes an aerial tram ride on the world’s largest rotating tramcar.
From its lively cities to its fascinating scenery, this Southern California vacation offers all of this and more.

Tour pricing starts at $2,929 p.p.d.o.

Departures Available: March through December 2016

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7-Day London & Country Tour


7-day tour featuring London, Bath, Stonehenge, Oxford,  Stratford-upon-Avon and more…

Historical monuments, royal treasures, amazing museums, fantastic shopping, some of the world’s most famous landmarks, an unrivaled theater scene, and beautiful parks—London has it all! On this London tour you’ll have the opportunity to spend six nights in London with the chance to explore the city and some of the more famous cities surrounding it.

With an expert Local Guide who will bring the destination to life with firsthand, in-depth knowledge, enjoy sightseeing of London’s most famous landmarks as well as a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral, with its iconic dome and fascinating history. Pay homage to Shakespeare on an excursion to his birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon, a beautiful town that offers a glimpse into life in 16th-century England. Enjoy a walking tour of Oxford, a city steeped in history and home to some of England’s most famous colleges. A highlight of this London & Country tour is an excursion to prehistoric Stonehenge, where you can try to figure out how these huge stones were placed there over 4,000 years ago. You’ll also travel to Bath to see the fascinating Roman ruins built roughly 2,000 years ago for bathing and socializing.

Globus has also included special experiences to bring a local perspective to this London vacation. Enjoy dinner at an historic London pub; take a relaxed, narrated, night-time cruise on the Thames River; and enjoy tickets to a West End show. Plenty of leisure time in London will also give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the city.

From its historical landmarks and monuments to its cultural attractions, this London tour is sure to delight all of your senses!

Tour pricing starts at $2,049 p.p.d.o.

Departures Available: April through October 2016

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17-Day Exploring America’s Great Parks with Extended Stay in Las Vegas


17-day tour featuring Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park, Custer State Park, Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake City and more…

Mother Nature has produced some remarkable scenery, and on this vacation, you’ll have the opportunity to experience some of nature’s finest. This tour focuses on some of the West’s great national parks, including Grand Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Zion National Park. From spectacular rock formations and deep canyons to sparking waterfalls, geysers, and lakes, you’ll see a wide variety of breathtaking natural wonders.

In addition to the scenery offered throughout the tour, trip highlights include a 4-wheel-drive tour of Monument Valley with a knowledgeable Navajo guide; a wine tasting in Colorado’s wine country; a stay at the Historic State Game Lodge in Custer State Park, which served as the “Summer White House” for President Calvin Coolidge; a visit to Crazy Horse memorial; a buffalo safari in Custer State Park; a 2-night stay inside Yellowstone National Park; a 1-night stay near the rim of the Grand Canyon, offering a rare opportunity for great views; an opportunity for star gazing in Bryce Canyon National Park, one of the best places to see stars due to its remote location and lack of pollution; leisure time in Las Vegas to experience its incredible shows and attractions; and more.

On this vacation exploring America’s great parks, sit back, relax, and let Globus handle all the details and driving, so your only concern is taking in the majesty of the scenery and having fun
Tour pricing starts at $4,049 (Tour only) p.p.d.o.

2016 departures available May through September

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13-Day The Best of Italy & France with London Tour


13-day tour featuring Rome, Venice, Florence, Paris, London and more…

Italy, France, and England—three of the most fascinating countries in the world—are waiting for you on this Best of Italy & France tour (with an extension to London). You’ll spend two nights each in Rome, Venice Island, Florence, Nice, Paris, and London. See the must-see attractions in each city on your guided sightseeing tours, including the Vatican, Rome’s Colosseum, built in the 1st century and famous for its gladiator fights, the Roman Forum, where you’ll see the oldest structures of the ancient city; St. Mark’s Square and Basilica in Venice; the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, home to Michelangelo’s celebrated David; the Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, and Eiffel Tower in Paris; and London’s St. Paul Cathedral, dating to the 7th century and the wedding site of Lady Diana and Prince Charles. You’ll stop in Assisi to see the 13th-century Basilica of St. Francis, built above the saint’s grave; in Pisa to admire the famous Leaning Tower; in Ferrara, where you’ll walk through the medieval Este Castle to the marble cathedral, built in the 1100s; and in St. Paul de Vence, a picturesque hilltop town where you can explore the art galleries and quaint streets.

On this Globus Italy and France tour, you will also have special experiences that bring you inside the destinations. We’ve included special dinners in Florence and Paris, so you can try out local specialties, and we’ve included a stop in Èze, where you will visit a local perfume factory to learn about perfume making. Also enjoy exciting train rides on the high-speed TGV train and the Eurostar train.

From the vibrant cities to the peaceful, blue Mediterranean Sea, this vacation to Italy and France—plus an extension to London—is sure to delight all of your senses!.
Tour pricing starts at $3,979 p.p.d.o.

Departures Available: April through October 2016

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16-Day Classical Greece with Iconic Aegean 7-Night Cruise


16-day tour featuring Athens, Delphi, Olympia, and more…

Ancient ruins, stunning scenery, lots of sunshine, the Greek Islands, the crystal-clear Aegean Sea, and tasty cuisine…this is Greece, and on this Greece cruise and tour, you’ll experience all of this and more!
History comes alive on your guided visits to many of Greece’s ancient sights. Visit the Acropolis, dating back to the 5th century BC; Olympia, where the Olympics began in 776 BC; ancient Corinth, dating back to the 8th century BC; the ruins in Mycenae, dating back to 1,350 to 1,200 BC; the amazingly well-preserved, 2,300-year-old open-air theater in Epidaurus; Thermopylae, where the battle between the Greeks and Persians took place in 480 BC; Delphi, where you’ll hear about the Oracle; and more.
You’ll also enjoy a 7-night cruise on the Aegean Sea cruising to some of the world’s most beautiful islands. You’ll visit Kusadasi and Istanbul in Turkey; Mykonos, Greece’s most famous jet-set island with its seafront village, sandy beaches, and whitewash houses; Rhodes, one of Europe’s largest medieval towns; Santorini (weather permitting), still an active volcano offering one of the world’s most breathtaking panoramas; Agios Nicholaos, Crete; Symi, with its stunning harbor and scenic traditional village; and Chios, with its beautiful beaches and fortified villages.
In addition to all these included sights, Globus has included some unique experiences to give you a true sense of Greek life. Enjoy a cooking demonstration to learn how to make the traditional Greek tzatziki appetizer. Also enjoy a dance lesson, where you’ll learn how to dance the sirtaki.
From the picturesque fishing villages and stunning islands to ancient historic sights, this Greece cruise and tour is a vacation of a lifetime!
Tour pricing starts at $3,104 (Tour only) p.p.d.o.

2016 departures available April through October

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15-Day HEART OF EUROPE Circle Tour

15-day tour featuring Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and more… Going on its 56th year, our signature tour remains as popular as ever. This itinerary offers seven countries, enchanting cities, spectacular scenery, and lots of local flavor. It is an ideal choice for first-time travelers to Europe or anyone desiring a taste of the Old World at a great value…Tour Price $2,590 p.p.d.o. if booked by 9/30/2015. Introductory Rate applies to 2016 departure dates.
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