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This week we will be going over suitcases, carry-ons, and helpful tips for packing your luggage.

The first step is to make sure that your suitcase size fits within the requirements of the tour company and airlines. In most cases, the tour company has more stringent rules about size because there is less room on the motor coach than there is on the airplane.

The standard weight is 50 lbs. for a checked piece of baggage, and 15 lbs. for a carry-on. Even though they say 50 lbs., really you should only pack it to about 40 lbs. so that you have enough room after your purchases and mementos so that you don’t exceed the limit on your way home.

Some suitcases now have an ‘expand’ feature.  When measuring your suitcase make sure you take this into account.  If you are measuring before the tour without the expansion, you shouldn’t expand it on the tour.  If everyone did that, there wouldn’t be enough room on the bus for everyone’s luggage by the end of the tour!

As for your carry-on bag, you really need to know what the bus requirements are. The airlines usually will allow you to take another small suitcase to but in the overhead bins. This is not the case with the European buses. Usually your carry-on bag is supposed to sit underneath the seat in front of you because the motor coaches don’t have overhead compartments.

You shouldn’t push the dimensions for your carry-on bag, because it would just mean that you would have to carry it on your lap throughout the whole tour if it does not fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Here are just a few ways to organize your suitcase and help you meet the requirements.

If you are having space problems, step back, and color-coordinated everything, if it doesn’t work in multiple outfits, leave it at home.  Rolling your clothes will also be a major space saver.

It’s no secret that shoes are a major space hog.  One pair of broken-in walking shoes and a street-friendly sandal are usually all you need.

I recommend packing zip-lock bags. They are ideal for packing things tighter, separating wet from dry and managing small items like batteries.  Zip-lock bags come in a variety of sizes which can help with sorting.

Also, divide each person’s belongings amongst all luggage if you are traveling with someone.  This will insure you have clothes and necessities if one of the bags is lost or delayed.

Take this quick precaution and save a possible mess with any liquid bottles.  For instance, place a plastic bag under the screw caps of soaps and shampoos and tie the bag around the bottle. This way if the cap opens, the bottle spills into the bag, not on your clothes.

To enjoy your tour to its fullest extent, knowing the requirements and following them will allow for a more comfortable ride for yourself and other passengers.

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Eastern U.S. & Canada Discovery with New York City


Eastern U.S. & Canada Discovery with New York City

15 Day Tour from Boston to New York City

2018 vacation details and information will be available in the Fall.

Savor the diversity and enchantment of the great cities of the Northeast and Canada on this enticing US tour. Your vacation begins in Boston and ends in New York City with overnights also in Québec City, Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Lancaster, and Washington DC.

You’ll enjoy guided sightseeing of the must-see sights in each of the cities, such as Boston’s Freedom Trail; Québec City’s Palace Royale, the historic square known as the birthplace of French America; Montréal’s 19th-century Notre Dame Basilica, where Globus has included an inside visit; Toronto’s Chinatown; Washington DC’s most famous landmarks; Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell and Independence Hall; and New York City’s Times Square and Greenwich Village. You’ll also enjoy a cruise in both Boston and New York City. Sightseeing in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, features a guided tour of the Parliament of Canada, where you’ll learn about the Parliament’s history and hear stories about some of the key players—a special experience offered by Globus.

On this tour, Globus has arranged some fun experiences to make your vacation unique. From Québec City, travel to Ile d’Orléans, a picturesque island where you’ll enjoy dinner at a fine restaurant in a restored 17th-century flour mill. You’ll also visit an Amish family and their farm in Lancaster to learn about their traditional way of life that excludes the use of modern conveniences, such as electricity and telephones. Of course, no vacation to Eastern Canada is complete without a stop at Niagara Falls. In Niagara Falls, you’ll spend the night and enjoy a cruise to view the thundering falls from the river level.

All of this and more are included on this exciting tour through Eastern Canada and the US.


Tour Pricing starts at $3,963 p.p.d.o.

Departure Dates available: September 2017 through October 2018


Grand Western Canada Vacation


13 Day Tour from Vancouver to Vancouver

On this Canadian Rockies tour, enjoy time in many of Canada’s most scenic areas as you travel through some of its national parks and mountain towns. Spend time in beautiful Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Whistler, Sun Peaks, Victoria, Vancouver, and British Columbia’s wine country. Ferry through the Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Victoria. Take an Ice Explorer ride on the 1,200-foot-thick Columbia Icefield, and marvel at the stunning scenery, including alpine meadows, waterfalls, and massive glaciers.

Admire the beauty of Lake Louise, with green-blue waters forming a perfect mirror reflection of Mount Victoria. Travel to Maligne Lake, the largest glacially formed lake and one of the most picturesque spots in the Canadian Rockies, for a cruise to Spirit Island. Be sure to have your camera ready, so you can capture photos of the beautiful lake and towering peaks. Witness panoramic views of Banff from the Banff gondola, and in British Columbia, enjoy a visit to spectacular Shannon Falls, the third highest falls in the province.

In addition to taking you to some of Western Canada’s most scenic spots, on this Canadian Rockies tour Globus has also arranged some special experiences for you. On Victoria, visit world-famous Butchart Gardens, with 55 acres of impressive floral displays, followed by a special dinner in the original Butchart family residence. In British Columbia’s wine region, Globus has included a tour and dinner at a winery producing some of British Columbia’s best wines.

This is just a sampling of the highlights offered on this Canadian Rockies tour. Let Globus handle the details while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the tranquil beauty and fun experiences on this marvelous vacation.

Tour Pricing starts at $3,202 p.p.d.o.

Departure Dates available: May – November, 2016


15-Day Heart Of Europe®Circle Tour


Featuring Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland

This tour provides a wonderful “taste” of Europe’s most popular countries, making it the perfect choice for a first trip to the Old World. Highlights include Heidelberg, Medieval Rothenburg, Bavarian Munich, the Alps, Olympic Innsbruck, Verona of Romeo & Juliet fame, Lucerne in Switzerland, fabulous Paris, Flemish Antwerp, the Dutch lowlands and a boat ride on the Rhine River

Tour Pricing starts at $2,790* p.p.d.o.

Save $400 per couple if booked by 7/12/2017

Featured Departures: October 3 & 9, 2017



Spain & Portugal Tour


15-day tour of Lisbon, Seville, Algeciras, Costa del Sol, Granada, Cordoba, Baeza and Madrid

Seville, Spain

A fascinating tour of two colorful countries. Learn about ancient cultures, explore modern cities, and relax in the delightful climate of the Iberian Peninsula. During this tour, we will adapt to the customary later time schedule of Spain by departing at 9:00 a.m. and having dinner at 8:00 on several days.


Tour Pricing starts at $2,740* p.p.d.o.

Save $400 per couple if booked by May 17, 2017

Featured Departures: September 7, 2017

*Tour Price w/Air & Air taxes: From $3,990 to $4,540 (depending on departure city/date)



Celtic Highlights


13 Day Tour from Glasgow to Glasgow

From their breathtaking scenery to their vibrant cities and small towns, this fascinating tour delivers the best of Scotland, England’s Lake District, North Wales, and the Emerald Isle. You’ll start and end in Glasgow and overnight also in Inverness and Edinburgh in Scotland; Liverpool, England; Dublin, Killarney, Limerick, and Bundoran in Ireland; and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Throughout the tour, you’ll learn about the history and cultures as you visit some of the areas’ must-see attractions. For example, you’ll enjoy a “Living History” tour in Belfast accompanied by a Local Guide who will give you a glimpse into life in the city and its history like only a local can.

You’ll also experience stunning scenery on this Britain and Ireland tour. Keep your eyes out for the Loch Ness monster in Scotland’s beautiful Highlands. Travel through the incomparable landscapes of Snowdonia National Park in Wales, with picturesque villages, mountains, and lakes. Follow Ireland’s Ring of Kerry, a 100-mile panoramic drive with sparkling seascapes, brightly colored farmhouses, and the breathtaking panorama of the Lakes of Killarney. Visit the spectacular 668-feet Cliffs of Moher and awe-inspiring Giant’s Causeway, composed of thousands of basalt columns formed millions of years ago.

But that’s not all…Globus has also included out-of-the-ordinary experiences just for you. For example, you’ll visit the Irish National Stud in Kildare, where you’ll enjoy tea and scones at its Japanese Gardens Restaurant. You’ll also taste the famous gingerbread crafted in Grasmere in England’s Lake District. Or how about a walk with a Local Guide on the old city walls in Derry, Northern Ireland?

Bustling cities, smaller towns, scenic castles (Caernarvon, Edinburgh, and Blair Castles), breathtaking landscapes, tasty treats, and so much more are offered on this incredible Britain and Ireland tour.


Tour Pricing starts at $3,149.00 p.p.d.o.

Departure Dates available: June – September 2017


16-Day Heart of the British Isles Tour


16-Day Tour Featuring England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

A showcase tour of Britain and Ireland awaits you. Discover historically rich and entertaining attractions while traveling across alluring countryside. Two-night stays in five of the overnight cities allow for a comprehensive focus on the many highlights of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Save $400 per couple if booked by June 14, 2017

Featured Departure:  September 13 & 27, 2017


Newfoundland & Labrador Viking Trail Tour


8-Day tour from L’Anse aux Meadows to Port aux Choix

From L’Anse aux Meadows to Port aux Choix, learn about Newfoundland & Labrador’s earlier settlers, followed with a stop in Gros Morne National Park.

Highlights include :

  • Whale Watching
  • Scenic Boat Tour in Gros Morne
  • Gros Morne National Park
  • L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site
  • Port au Choix National Historic Site
  • Red Bay National Historic Site
  • Lobster Cove Lighthouse
  • Strait of Belle Isle ferry to/from Labrador
  • Grenfell Historic Properties
  • “Screech In” Ceremony

Tour Pricing starts at $2,175 p.p.d.o.

Departure Dates available: June – September, 2016


Alaska Grand Adventure


10-Day Tour Featuring: Anchorage, Valdez, Fairbanks & Denali National Park

Alaska is a land of mystery and spectacular during any season. The summer season runs from mid-May to mid-September and the scenery changes with each month! Beautiful colors abound.

Highlights include :

  • Cruise Prince William Sound
  • Alaska Railroad
  • Alaska Salmon Bake Dinner
  • Riverboat Discovery III
  • Talkeetna, AK
  • University of Alaska Museum
  • Anchorage
  • Fairbanks Sightseeing Tour
  • Denali National Park
  • Denali Tundra Wilderness Tour
  • Denali Dinner Theater
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center

Tour Pricing starts at $3,154 p.p.d.o.

Departure Dates available: June – August, 2016


Canyon County Adventure Tour


8 Day Tour from Scottsdale to Las Vegas

On this popular National Parks tour, discover the unique landscapes of Arizona and Utah as you travel through four national parks—as well as Lake Powell and Monument Valley—and lots of beautiful scenery. Your tour begins in Scottsdale and ends in Las Vegas with overnights also in Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Powell, and Bryce Canyon National Park.

Spectacular scenery awaits you in Sedona, with the massive red-rock formations that make the area famous, and on one of America’s most beautiful drives through Arizona’s Oak Creek Canyon, home to brilliantly hued cliffs and rugged spires of sandstone. You’ll stay inside Grand Canyon National Park, giving you the opportunity to watch the sun set upon the stunning Grand Canyon—sunrise is just as impressive—and to be humbled by the magnificent scenery, great views, and extra time to explore the trails. Photographs cannot adequately do justice to the amazing landscape; you must witness it in person!

In Monument Valley and Lake Powell, Globus has arranged special experiences for you. Enjoy a 4-wheel-drive tour of Monument Valley with a knowledgeable Navajo guide, and marvel at the area’s stunning rock formations, oddly shaped monoliths, and red sandstone. In addition to a cruise in Lake Powell, you’ll visit Antelope Slot Canyon with a local Navajo guide. Learn the history of the canyon as you marvel at the beauty created by erosion from wind and water.

More splendid views await you in Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. Watch the colors change on the massive stone formations and be awed by the impressive geology. You’ve heard how remarkable the scenery is in these national parks, and now is your time to experience them on this National Parks tour. Sit back, relax, and let Globus handle all of the driving and details.

Tour Pricing starts at $2,079 p.p.d.o.

Departure Dates available: April – October, 2016