Today I would like to explain the reasons, and the need, for a tour company’s ‘Optional Excursions’.

Jean from Saint Louis, MO called me last week because she was looking for a tour that included everything, even the optional excursions.

I explained that it would be very difficult to find such a tour and it really wouldn’t be in her best interest as she would end up spending even more money!

There are many reasons that Tour Operators offer clients ‘Optional Excursions’ on their escorted tours.  The first and foremost being that not every passenger wants to do every optional tour.  This allows the traveler to kind of personalize their experience based on what they are interested in (or not interested in) or how active they want their vacation to be.

For example, it is optional to take a cogwheel train to the summit Mt. Stanserhorn in the Alps because some people cannot handle the high altitude.  If they were to include this in the cost of the tour, these passengers would have paid for something that they couldn’t do.  It is the same situation with an entrance to The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp; some people would prefer to view the memorial, however some find it too emotional and do not wish to participate.

After I had explained these points to Jean, she widened her tour search and was able to find the perfect combination of included features and optional excursions to create her perfect vacation!