Today I want to discuss the quandary of time versus money.

If you are planning a multiple country European vacation to see as much as possible, keep in mind that if you have the time, you may want to consider similar itineraries that may allow you to see more with only a little longer trip.

For example, the 15-day Heart of Europe Tour is a fabulous itinerary, and shows you a lot for your time and money, however, if you have the time, you may want to consider the 17-day Heart of Europe with London tour.  This slightly longer tour includes all of the same sights, but an extra day in Paris, the Eurostar train from Paris to London, and 2 days in London.

You will see that by ‘increasing’ your itinerary, you will incur the difference of two land costs.  However, when you consider the cost of another air ticket to get to Europe, you are really saving thousands of dollars!

In addition to the itinerary itself, most tour operators offer the opportunity to extend your stay in either the starting city or ending city, yet another way to get the full benefit of your air ticket.

Again, each vacation situation is different, but I want you to consider all of the options for each trip you take, if you have the time, why not?!