Traveling Abroad with Medicine

Traveling Abroad with Medicine If you’re planning to bring your prescription or over-the-counter medicine on your trip, you need to make sure your medicine is travel-ready. Many travelers must carry their medicines with them across [...]

5 Suggestions From A Recent Traveler

I always encourage travelers to send in suggestions, comments & tips on traveling.  A recent traveler has done just that.  After taking a tour with Image Tours on their Heart of the Europe Circle Tour® [...]

European Weather

Today I would like to break down the weather conditions you may run into while on your vacation, and how to prepare for them. The weather in Europe is not too much unlike The [...]

International Talk, Text, and Data charges!

It’s time to discuss International Talk, Text, and Data charges! In comparing AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile all Three offer International add-on packages. There is no need to toss out an over-whelming amount of numbers [...]

Finding you luggage at baggage claim (or when lost)

Nothing undermines a well-planned vacation quite like no-show luggage. When your suitcase fails to appear on the baggage carousel, you’re guaranteed a stressful experience filling out baggage-claim forms and futilely waiting. When it comes [...]


So you think you are packed and ready to go for all occasions?  Shorts…check!  Polo-shirt…check!  A couple pair of jeans…check!  Stain stick and laundry detergent…check? This post will help you be fully prepared for [...]

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15-day Spain & Portugal

Afascinating tour of two colorful countries.  Learn about ancient cultures, explore modern cities, and relax in the delightful climate of the Iberian Peninsula.  During the tour, we will adapt to the customary [...]


17-day Heart of Europe® with London

Visit eight countries with all the highlights of the Image Tours’ Heart of Europe Circle Tour included, plus a Eurostar train ride under the English Channel from Paris to London for a [...]


22-day Heart of Europe®Grand

Take in all the spectacular sights from Image Tours’ signature Heart of Europe Circle Tour, including medieval villages and scenic mountain vistas, while adding Rome, Pisa, Florence, Tuscany, an extra night in [...]

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