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Hello Explorers!

I have clients tell me again and again that one of the most rewarding parts of their tours, are the people they meet while traveling. The group dynamics in the tours we offer are remarkable. By the end of a tour, the group participants truly become like a “family”. You will share many wonderful experiences with the folks you travel with and many travelers have made life-long friends with people they have met on the tours.

I have a client, Ruth, who recently returned from her tour. Ruth called and asked me if I could contact the tour operator for her and obtain the contact information of one of her traveling companions, as she had misplaced it. The two women had become close friends on the tour and Ruth was upset at the prospect of not being able to get back in touch with her new friend.

Please keep in mind that, due to privacy concerns, neither Escape World Travel nor the Tour Operators we work with can share any type of personal information regarding our clients. If you do meet people on the tour who you would like to keep in touch with and you most likely will! – remember to get their contact information before you part ways and keep it in a safe place until you return home. When you do arrive home, immediately add the information to your address book or email list.

Fortunately, for Ruth, this story had a happy ending. I contacted the tour operator who in turn contacted the other traveler and the two were finally able to get back in touch, as the other traveler still had Ruth’s information.
Other instances may not turn out so well. You may even want to consider bringing a small address book with you on the tour so you can add your new friend’s information on the spot!

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